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This webinar is intended for everyone that would like to know more about our treatment methods and approach. We organize these webinars especially for people that are looking for an effective treatment and to give insight into our treatment methods of different diagnoses.

Webinar content

During the webinar you will learn more about our treatment approach, our admission process and other relevant information about U-center. You can chat with one of our colleagues during and after the webinar. 

20 minutes

With the convenience, safety and privacy of staying at home. You can follow the webinar from your computer, tablet or phone.

U-center is a mental health center that offers treatments for people with mental health disorders and addiction. When previous treatments offer no permanent solution, U-center presents a new perspective. In our comfortable treatment center for complex co-occuring mental disorders, our clients can work on improving themselves with our help.

Who we treat

We treat people with mental disorders such as depression, burnout, trauma and anxiety as well as addiction and personality disorders. We believe that these conditions can be best treated together in an integrated and personalized programme of treatment, in a comfortable and inspiring environment. U-center aims to help clients return to society, wether at home or at work, as quickly as possible with an intensive seven week residential programme that gives our clients new insights and skills to take back control of their lives.

Our approach
At U-center we treat the person, not just the condition. Mental health disorders and addiction often come together. We are experts when it comes to co-occuring conditions. We help you to understand how you got here, what the underlying problem is and how to address it. At our clinic, you receive personalized treatment to sustain you for life, taking into account family, relationships and work.

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